COVID-19 Work

Covid-19 Policy Response

Preparing for Crises: Lessons from Covid-19. (with Jishnu Das, Georgetown, Asim Khwaja, Harvard, and Anum Malkani, CERP) LSE Public Policy Review, May 2021.

Addressing the Knowledge Gap During the Covid-19 Pandemic (in progress).

Policymaking in uncertain times. May 2020. (Arabic, French versions)

Smart Containment with Active Learning: A Proposal for a Data-Responsive and Graded Response to Covid-19. May 2020.

Punjab’s Smart Sampling And Testing Strategy Report. August 2020.

Smart Containment with Active Learning: Operations Plan. May 2020.

IGC COVID-19 guidance note: Containment strategies and support for vulnerable households.

What are the smart COVID-19 containment options for developing countries? LSE Blog.

Voluntary compliance with Covid-19 control is crucial now? DAWN blog. July 2020.